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Accepting adolescents ages 11-18

  • Give your kids structure, support, and accountability every single day
  • Provide your kids with a home-like environment where they can feel safe and comfortable
  • Teach your kids new, healthy habits and coping skills to help them in their everyday life
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The rehab I went to was really good. I went to Avery’s House. It was welcoming, accepting, and they really do care about us. It was literally a house so it didn’t feel like a hospital or treatment center at all. quote-icon

A Safe Space Where Teens Can Feel Accepted

Therapy for teens in Scottsdale, Arizona

Our facility is nothing like a hospital setting. It is a modern bungalow style that gives your child their own space. 

When they come here, they can have privacy and protection and feel at peace. This can help them feel comfortable, an important piece of actively participating in their recovery journey.

Adolescents need to get away from former environments where there were triggers and reminders of what they are battling. At Avery’s House, we have a safe space for the teens to do the following:

  • Develop new hobbies and interests
  • Form new friendships
  • Have daily accountability and responsibilities
  • Learn how to accept and love themselves
  • Learn skills that help them manage their condition
  • Make healthy lifestyle changes

Note: Is your teen struggling with a mental health condition? We can help!

Is Residential Treatment Right For Your Teen?

If you have wondered if you should look into a residential treatment program for your teen, consider the following:

  • Has your child tried an outpatient program before but needs something that offers more structure and support?
  • Does your child need a break away from their home, school, and/or social life to give themself space to fully recover?
  • Has your child completed an inpatient or hospital psych stabilization program recently or is leaving one soon?

If you answered yes to any of these, Avery’s House can help.

Treatment Plans Specifically for Young People

We have extensive experience developing programs for adolescents. We are part of the Adolescent Behavioral Health Program, which helps us stay focused on our clientele. 

We offer a variety of therapies, including:

  • Weekly Individual Sessions
  • Art and Music Therapies
  • Trauma-informed Care
  • Case Management and Family Sessions
  • Schooling Options
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Medication Management
  • Community-based Activities
  • LGBTQ Allyship
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Family Therapy
  • Experiential Therapies

For more information about our services, call us.

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“We primarily focus on loving ourselves and accepting ourselves, and teaching them how to be comfortable in their own skin”


Your insurance provider may cover 100% of your child’s treatment costs

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Teen Mental Health in Scottsdale

In 2020, Arizona ranked low for youth access to mental health care. It was 49 out of 50. This rank is based on teens’ high prevalence of mental illness and little access to mental health care.

In Scottsdale, it is estimated that 20% of children and teenagers have some mental health disorder. The study showed many factors could contribute to this, including:

  • Genetics
  • Emotional problems
  • Poor parenting
  • Behavioral problems
  • Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Stress

Nearly 80% of those children and teenagers with mental health disorders receive no support. This can lead to them having problems later in life, including relationships and employment.


Avery's House

Getting to Avery’s House from Scottsdale

Avery’s House is located in Apache Junction. This is a 35-minute drive (32 miles) from Scottsdale if you take the quickest route. 

Whether you travel by car, bus, or train, we are not too far from you!

Our Favorite Things About Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is one of the large cities in Maricopa County.

There are many cultural events, fairs, museums, art galleries, historic properties, and sporting events. There are also several attractions along with an active nightlife.

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