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Adolescence isn’t the same for everyone! For some kids, and their parents, it can be the most challenging and vulnerable phase of their lives. At Avery’s House, we’re passionate about helping teens, young adults, and their families to develop the skills needed to navigate the day-to-day struggles they face.

Shawna Chandler

“Some teens react much better to certain treatment types than others. At Avery’s House, we design each treatment plan to address the needs of the individual. We carefully monitor the successes and failures of different treatment options and adjust our approach when needed.”

Shawna Chandler

Chief Clinical Officer (CCO)


Michele Canale

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Michele, our inspirational CEO, describes her childhood as ‘confusing and traumatic’. She was raised by her very young single mother and never met her real father! As a child, she moved around to 10 different states, attending a different school from kindergarden up the end of high-school. She never had the opportunity to develop meaningful friendships or live a structured day-to-day life. To cope with her traumas, extreme anxiety, and loneliness, she turned to drugs and alcohol at the early age of 12. Left unaddressed, her childhood trauma and substance abuse continued into adulthood and affected many aspects of her life.

Michele believes that it is critical to address childhood trauma and behavioral health issues as early as possible. However, positively changing the trajectory of a child’s life, requires structure, support, and consistency. Together with a group of compassionate behavioral health professionals, she formed Avery’s House to help adolescents to begin their healing process and have a better opportunity at brighter future.

There’s Hope In Healing

Many of our staff members, from our CEO to our admissions coordinators, were once in a vulnerable situation like you and your child are currently in. We understand just how difficult, yet entirely possible it is to start the healing process and change the trajectory of our lives.

Josh Lemieux

Director of Admissions

Our evidence-based treatment methods have proven to empower both teens and parents to be more confident, emotionally stable, and motivated.

Evidence-Based Treatment Methods

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I love to see the transformation clients make from when they first arrive at Avery's House to the time they leave. It’s amazing to receive calls and messages from them when they hit milestones in their recovery - It just shows how really grateful they are to be in the program.

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Dillon Near

Admissions Coordinator

Avery House leads the industry in creating a path for your children to achieve their goals and step into the next phases of their life with confidence.

A Strong Focus On Family Involvement

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When young people are in crisis, support in the treatment and ongoing recovery is critical to success. With this in mind, the family needs to engage in the treatment process. In addition, family involvement creates a greater likelihood that both the adolescent and the family heal.

Photo of Steve Laats

“In recovery, we learn about principles that help guide our decisions, which, in turn, helps to provide for a freeing and gratifying life.”

Steve Laats

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Our Facility & Services

Residential Housing

Residential Housing

We’re located in North Scottsdale, just minutes away from the scenic Fountain Hills.

  • Accountability
  • Daily Responsibilities & Chores
  • Yoga Room
  • ART Therapy Room
  • Indoor Basketball Court


2416 North 113th Street, Apache Junction, AZ, 85120

(855) 506-1906
Residential Housing

Therapeutic Services

As part of the Adolescent Behavioral Health Program, some of the therapy modalities offered include:

  • Weekly Individual Sessions
  • Case Management & Family Sessions
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Art Therapy & Music Therapy
  • Community Based Activities
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • LGBTQ Ally

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