Residential Teen Mental Health Treatment

For Adolescents 11-18 Years Old

  • Improve coping mechanisms & overall mood
  • Address traumas and mental health conditions
  • Repair family & relationship conflicts
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Recent Client Testimonial

"The rehab I went to was really good. I went to Avery's House. It was welcoming, accepting, and they really do care about us. It was literally a house so it didn't feel like a hospital or treatment center at all."

Most teens experience sudden and dramatic physical, psychological and life changes that can cause unexpected behavioral patterns and mental health problems. Left unaddressed, these problems can adversely affect their development and continue into adulthood.

At Avery’s House, our highly specialized behavioral health professionals work with adolescents to evaluate, diagnose, and stabilize a variety of teen mental health conditions like:

Note: We do not work with aggressive and violent behaviors, extreme substance use with criminal background, adjudicated teens, fire starters, severe sexual dysfunction or any other extreme diagnosis.

Therapeutic Services Included

As part of the Adolescent Behavioral Health Program, some of the therapy modalities offered include:

  • Weekly Individual Sessions
  • Case Management And Family Sessions
  • Experiential Therapies
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Community Based Activities
  • Family Therapy
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • LGBTQ Ally






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CEO - Avery's House

Executive Team - Avery's House

“Explaining Avery's House to an as simple as having a safe place to land. Somewhere where they can be removed from their environment, removed from the triggers, removed from the negativity that possibly could be contributing to their mental health and their substance use.”.

Avery’s House

Structure, Support and Stability

Avery’s House provides a non-judgmental space where teens can identify and resolve critical issues preventing them from living happy, fulfilling lives.

  • Teens learn vital skills like emotional regulation, effective communication, assertiveness, empathy, and self-awareness.
  • They learn how to identify and avoid high-risk situations, triggers, and relapses.
  • Typically, the Teen Mental Health Program lasts about 28 days. However, the time a child spends in treatment can be longer, based on a clinician’s recommendation and the parent/guardian’s insurance coverage

Actual Photos of Avery’s House Facility

Family Programming

We help family members to solve problems together in a therapeutic setting while learning strategies that can be applied at home after the program ends:

  • Family Support Group: We offer one family support group per week done virtually via tele-health. The group is run by one of our therapists and gives parents and family members the opportunity to connect and get support from others who are going through similar situations.
  • Family Visitation: Family members can visit in-person once per week on Sundays (1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.).
  • 1-on-1 Family Therapy Sessions: Family members can meet virtually with a therapist.

Academic Services

Adolescent clients in our residential program must be enrolled in an accredited school or online learning program during fall and spring semesters.

We’ll work closely with their current school when possible. However, if the child does not want to remain enrolled at their current school, or if the current school is unable to meet our requirements, they will be enrolled in an appropriate online school.

During the summer, we also offer a summer education program in a supportive environment. If they’ve struggled with schooling, our summer program will help them build skills to handle classroom dynamics, assignment completion, and presentations.

Call us for more details about our family, academic, & medication management services - (855) 506-1906


Medication Management

Medication plays an important role in adolescent mental healthcare. Sometimes medications are used to help patients in crisis and/or manage conditions in the long term. Although some patients can be helped with therapy alone, many need a combination of medications and therapy interventions.

Whatever the patient’s medication situation, managing the medication is a critical component in the treatment process. We work to ensure the right balance of medication and intervention is having the desired effect on the child’s mental state.

In the United States

75 - 80 % of children & youth

in need of mental health services do not receive them.

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