Teen Residential Treatment Glendale

Accepting adolescents ages 11-18

  • Teach them skills and new, healthy habits to take with them
  • Give them accountability, structure, and support every day
  • Give them a home-like environment where they can feel comfortable and safe
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The rehab I went to was really good. I went to Avery’s House. It was welcoming, accepting, and they really do care about us. It was literally a house so it didn’t feel like a hospital or treatment center at all. quote-icon

A Safe Space For Teens

Avery’s House is a top-rated teen mental health home offering its services to Glendale residents.

Our bright, modern facility will make your teen feel at home and welcome. 

At Avery’s House, they can feel safe, at ease, and respected. This will help them feel comfortable being an active participant in their recovery.

At our residential facility, teens have an opportunity to distance themselves from their former triggers and environment. As part of their recovery they will:

  • Acquire new interests and hobbies
  • Learn to love themselves and accept who they are
  • Have responsibilities and accountability daily
  • Learn skills to manage their condition
  • Make new friendships and bonds
  • Make lifestyle changes that are better for them

Note: Our programs help teens to lead happier, healthier lives. The strategies, skills, and habits established during treatment are helpful to any teen in maintaining their health once they leave the facility and return home.

Residential Treatment for Your Teen

  • Need to take a break from their current school, home environment, or social circles to be able to focus on recovery.
  • Have tried an outpatient program before but need a treatment plan that provides more structure and support.
  • Have recently completed an inpatient or hospital psych stabilization program and are looking to transition to a less intensive program while still receiving supportive treatment.

At Avery’s House, we provide a calm, peaceful environment away from the stressors of life to set your teen up for success during treatment.

Treatments Designed Specifically for Adolescents

Teens have unique needs and Avery’s House provides a treatment program that caters to adolescents. We support the physical, mental, and social well-being of our clients. 

Some of the therapies we offer include:

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Weekly Individual Sessions
  • Case Management and Family Sessions
  • Experiential Therapies
  • Art and Music Therapies
  • Community-based Activities
  • Family Therapy
  • Trauma-informed Care
  • LGBTQ Allyship
  • Options for Maintaining Schooling
  • Medication Management

For more information about our services, call us.

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“We primarily focus on loving ourselves and accepting ourselves, and teaching them how to be comfortable in their own skin”


Your insurance provider may cover 100% of your child’s treatment costs

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Teen Mental Health in Glendale, Arizona

According to the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Glendale has a higher rate of individuals 12 and over reporting a substance use disorder than other parts of the country. 

In a 2021 report from the Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona has the 13th highest levels of poverty in the country, creating socioeconomic barriers to people receiving mental health care.

Glendale is listed as a federally designated Health Care Provider Shortage Area and needs additional psychiatrists to care for the population.


Avery's House

Getting to Avery’s House from Glendale

Avery’s House is located in the scenic Apache Junction. From Glendale, you can get to Avery’s house by car, bus, or taxi in under an hour. 

Conveniently located, Avery’s House is close enough to home but enough distance to be able to focus on recovery.

Why we Love Glendale, Arizona

Glendale has the perfect mixture of culture, entertainment, and natural scenery. You can find activities to suit your interests no matter what they are. 

Glendale is located for easy access to Phoenix but far enough to keep its small-town charm.

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